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National Pharmacy Association: UZURI Digital is a Trusted Partner!

We’re happy to announce that in April UZURI Digital Ltd. became a National Pharmacy Association (NPA) Trusted Partner!

What is the National Pharmacy Association?

The NPA represents independent, community pharmacies across the UK. It has roughly 6,000 members and is a leading provider of services to the sector. The NPA has been representing UK community pharmacies for 100 years with the aim to support pharmacies to succeed professionally and commercially for the benefit of their patients.

What does our partnership mean?

UZURI Digital, and its technical & strategic partner SWS Group, provide digital marketing services to businesses in the UK and overseas.

As an NPA Trusted Partner, UZURI Digital will be providing Reputation Marketing services to NPA members. NPA members will enjoy special offers for this unique and effective marketing service, helping pharmacies to build better and stronger brands in their communities and local areas; this in turn will help pharmacies to build larger and more loyal patient & customer bases, enabling them to succeed commercially.

What is Reputation Marketing?

Reputation marketing can be best described as using customer feedback and reviews to strengthen a business’ brand and customer-focus. In order to use what customers think about a business, their feedback needs to be collected. The most obvious example of this is when a business e.g. restaurant asks its customers to leave a review of their experience.

As Reputation Marketing specialists, we enable businesses to collect and manage feedback from customers effortlessly (for both the business and their customer). We then market the customer feedback on multiple review and social platforms, spreading the social proof far and wide to where customers spend their time online e.g. Google Maps, Trustpilot, Facebook etc. This enhances the reputation of the business, helping it to grow. As the customer base grows, so does the feedback collected and therefore so does the reputation resulting in a positive growth spiral for the business.

Reputation marketing is quickly becoming the foundation for marketing activity. Customers are relying more and more on peer reviews and social proof before engaging with a business. Pure marketing activity – like advertising – does not result in trust in a business – but reading positive reviews of a business on reviews platforms does inspire trust. Therefore, spending on any marketing activity when the business’ reputation is already strong results in a much better return on investment.

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Chandesh Parekh

Chandesh Parekh

A website accessibility / inclusivity consultant, web developer and reputation marketer, Chandesh has been professionally immersed in the world wide web for over 20 years. Chandesh on LinkedIn (opens in new tab)