About UZURI Digital

A snapshot

UZURI Digital is a multi-service digital agency. We help small and medium-sized businesses understand and get the most out of their digital marketing. 

Based in North-West London, UZURI Digital has clients all over the world including the US, Hong Kong, Japan, Kenya and the UK.

Chandesh Parekh (pictured) is the founder and managing director of UZURI Digital. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Chandesh has been privileged and grateful to have designed and developed websites for software companies, platforms for blue-chip companies, WordPress sites for news companies and has been involved in forming and executing digital strategy in multiple sectors.

Partnering with a team of talented experts, UZURI Digital is able to offer a wide spectrum of digital services to businesses. We consistently score well in our Google Reviews (see Client & Partner Feedback below).

If you are a business or charity looking for a digital partner – for a new fresh, professional website, or want to enhance your digital reputation – then book a free consultation here to get started.

If you are a digital agency or freelancer and you would like to explore possible collaboration with us, please see our White-label Services page.

Photo of Chandesh Parekh, founder and MD of UZURI Digital.
Chandesh Parekh
UZURI Digital Founder & MD

UZURI - what does it mean?

UZURI – pronounced OO-ZU-RI – is a Swahili word with very positive connotations. Chandesh Parekh was born and raised in Kenya and it felt right to commemorate that when we rebranded from NERO Digital Labs Ltd in July 2023.

‘Excellent’, ‘You’re the best’, ‘You’re magicians!’ are the type of descriptions most often used by our clients when responding to our service (see our Google Reviews below) and so the Swahili word for ‘Excellence’ seemed best suited for our new brand.   

UZURI aptly describes what we always aim to be: excellent at the services we provide to small and medium-sized businesses in the UK and abroad.


Client & Partner Feedback

How we work


We take our work seriously and as such every project starts with a free, half hour consultation with a prospective client to first determine if we are the right fit.

Determining the project scope

After the consultation, if both parties are happy to proceed we conduct a requirements-gathering exercise to determine the scope of the project. This takes the form of a detailed interview with the business stakeholders and may involve 2 or more of our team to ensure nothing gets missed. Business objectives and user journeys are covered at this stage.

Proposal and contract

Once the scope has been determined, we draw up a proposal document that details the project scope, timelines and the fee. We send this document, along with our contract, to the client and follow up with a call to talk through the proposal. This helps to iron out any misunderstandings on our part before the client agrees to the proposal and signs the contract.

Project set-up and management

Once the signed contract and the deposit fee have been received we set up the project on our cloud-based project management platform; This becomes the primary mode of communication between the client and all the members of our project team.

We create separate development and staging environments on our professional hosting platform so testing and changes can be effectively managed.

Sitemap, prototype, design and development

A web project typically consists of first creating a sitemap that forms the structure of the site; An interactive prototype is built based on the approved sitemap to enable the working group to experience the mechanics of the different user journeys and refine them; In parallel to the prototype stage two designs are created which are reviewed and one is approved for use by the client; Finally the site is developed using the sitemap, the mechanics of the prototype and the approved design.


Once the website is ready for testing we ask the client to run through the working website; this may involve the use of scripts so all user journeys are tested. Any changes as a result of the testing are then made to the site and a second round of testing is done.


Once the full scope of the project has been met we are ready to deploy the site, either to our production server, if NEROdigital is hosting the site, or to the client’s choice of host.